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How Do You Handle Adversity?

Adversity can either break us or make us stronger. We face adversity on a regular basis in varying degrees. Whether the event is within our control or not, our attitude will determine our outcome.

What is adversity telling us? If you agree with the empowerment philosophy that your beliefs create your life, sometimes adversity shows us which beliefs we must release in order to lighten our path. Sometimes adversity comes as a message to move is in a new direction – one that we wouldn’t otherwise take if the challenge didn’t exist. Sometimes adversity comes to teach us a lesson – it gives us the opportunity to step out of the routine and really look at life and make some changes in our strategy. And most of all, adversity helps us amplify our gratitude for what IS working and to realize what’s truly important.

How you handle adversity is also a key determinant in maintaining a healthy relationship. Do you open up and communicate or shut down and withdraw from your partner?

We invite you to become keenly aware of how you respond to adversity. Are you listening for life’s lessons? Are you checking in with your beliefs? Are you open to being optimistic and flexible to change your strategy? Whatever your response, be inspired by the challenge and not victimized by it. No matter how hard it is, we always have the chance to make a new choice and to see old things in a new way – in every area of our lives.

In the famous words of the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” ….Isn’t that the truth!

Take this week to notice your attitude in the face of adversity. Be compassionate and loving with yourself. Take a deep breath and courageously ask “what life is teaching me”. Let your intuition guide you to the answer, soften your resistance, adjust your attitude to “positive” and make the change within you – so you can look into the mirror of life and see it in your results.

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