Business Education


    Business Education

    Do you know how to take your company where you want it to go?

    Whether you have a clear vision for where your company is going, or you’re caught in the crossfire of resistance to change, Tanya Chernova’s inspiring, informative, no-nonsense (but still  fun!) corporate  training  sessions,  executive  training  and  coaching,  and  keynote speeches will take you and your company to a position of unity, passion, power, and growth.

    Tanya carries with her a proven plan for changing your staff’s mindset, reactivating their skills, and improving support systems so they have what it takes to meet and exceed goals. With the right mindset, skills, and systems, everything is possible.

    Corporate Evolution Training For Sales and Customer Service Teams

    Change.  In good times it signifies promotions, opportunities, and growth. In tough times it means stagnation, downsizing, and shuffling of resources.

    Leading your company through times of change can be tricky when resistance and resentment spread throughout the ranks.

    But when individuals, teams, and leaders learn to evolve, change becomes a powerful catalyst for inspiration, opportunity, and progress.

    Applying Tanya’s exceptional knowledge and amazing energy, customer service and sales teams develop innovative mindsets, skills, and systems that help them to achieve – and exceed – measurable goals that are determined during preliminary consultations with Tanya.

    • Increase Sales
    • Improve Customer Retention and Satisfaction
    • Strengthen Leadership
    • Clear Communication Between Management, Employees, and Clients
    • Consistently Deliver and Problem Solve with Efficient Systems
    • Skyrocket Employee Satisfaction and Passion

    Invite Tanya to your main office and see for yourself how her 60 minute, 90 minute, ½ day or full day presentations will dramatically transform your leaders and their teams into a unified force for evolutionary growth.

    Some of Tanya’s most popular workshop topics are:

    • Embracing Change Transformational Workshop
    • Creating Your Vision For Success
    • Power Listening
    • Empowered Leadership
    • The Ageless Mindset
    • Mastering Emotions and Resilience Under Pressure
    • Creating A Team of Winners

    Tanya’s enthusiasm and passion for our clients’ success has always been one of the strong contributing factors of her national success. Once Tanya commits to a project, she calls upon all her resources to ensure success for all concerned.

    Executive and Management Coaching For Inspired Leadership

    Leadership. A strong leader can move people to action.

    It can be done by force and threat, as history has proven.

    But leadership has evolved, proving there’s a better way to lead.

    It’s by empowering people, trusting them, inspiring them, and giving them the tools they need to succeed.  Business leaders who empower their people find that employees work harder, care more about the company’s welfare, and follow their lead – even in their absence.

    When you lead with power, individual passion for the organization thrives, teamwork soars, and the bottom line grows.

    • Company culture is revitalized.
    • Bold sales goals are exceeded.
    • Valuable employees stay committed to the firm.
    • Client relationships flourish.

    Tanya Chernova shows managers how to lead with power vs. force, moving their teams to consistently employ the mindset, skills, and systems put in place during their work with Tanya.

    Meeting Tanya has changed our business and our lives. Tanya has not only listened to our needs, but (has) given us the tools to put our plan into action. She truly has a natural gift. Her skills are unparalleled.

    Event Keynote Speaker

    Inspiration. Inspiration is the spark that generates the idea that ultimately emerges as a global enterprise. It’s the influence that effortlessly moves people to passionate action. Without it, consistent creativity and productivity are almost impossible.

    As one of the world’s top corporate strategic and motivational speakers, Tanya’s exceptional humor and energy will inspire and move your audience with her keynote speeches on topics such as Embracing Change for Evolution, Empowered Leadership Strategies, or Creating Your Vision For Success.

    Invite Tanya to speak at your next company event or convention, and watch as your team profits from her practical, uplifting, and entertaining presentations.

    I have seen over 500 different speakers in the last 25 years and Tanya is the best I have ever seen.  [Her] training  has  been  instrumental  in  transforming  our  Customer  Service department into our biggest asset as a company.


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