Women’s Empowerment


    Womens Empowerment by Courageous Living

    Recharge and reconnect to what’s important in your life… YOU!

    Courageous Living inspires, empowers and equips women to live more joyful and fulfilling lives.

    Whether you are breaking free of a bad relationship or seeking the one of your dreams. Changing your job or financial path – or needing to heal or grow from a transition or challenge.

    Our unique transformational workshops will help you:

    • Re-ignite your passion for life
    • Create a plan for positive change and success
    • Clarify your vision and life goals
    • Awaken the inner strength and self esteem you need to reach for your dreams
    • And provide the structured support for personal and business growth

    Gain More Self-Worth to Gain More Net Worth™

    Many women have not taken the time out to get to know themselves and what they want. They haven’t learned to set their boundaries or take care of themselves emotionally; and many have but wish to keep on growing. Perhaps that’s you? But if you haven’t fully accepted and loved yourself first, it is likely affecting your relationship with your body, with men and other women. More profoundly, it has probably taken a negative toll on your relationship with love, romance and intimacy, as well as your ability to attract money and success.

    The Mentors Circle and Investing in You™ are transformational coaching-workshop series to help you live and love more fully. Through dynamic lectures, interactive exercises and discussions, you’ll gain the self discovery tools you need to move forward and create the life you really want.

    Our in-depth workshop environment helps you gain profound insight and enter into deeper conversations and exercises to learn more about yourself in every area of your life. Set goals and achieve them in a supportive and structured growth environment.

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