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Are you the “rock” in everyone’s life? Are you the fixer, doer, pleaser, superwoman or man who has time and energy for everyone but yourself?

If you are doing everything for everyone else and putting yourself last, this can lead to the “Doing, Doing Done!” Syndrome that causes people to lose connection with their sense of self, their direction and true desires.

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Transform. Motivate. Inspire. http://tanyachernova.com/2013/11/17/transform-motivate-inspire/ http://tanyachernova.com/2013/11/17/transform-motivate-inspire/#comments Mon, 18 Nov 2013 04:54:35 +0000 http://tanyachernova.com/?p=213 Tanya ChernovaTanya Chernova is known as the voice of inspiration, empowering millions of people as a celebrated speaker, best-selling author, and business coach using her guiding principles “know your power, live your purpose, and fuel your passion”.

She is an expert at maximizing human performance; accelerating people and business to their potential and unlimited success. Her engaging and insightful presentations on topics such as: Ultimate Client Experience, Increasing Customer Spend, Front Desk Superstar, Power Teams, Inspired Leadership, Embracing Change and Vision for Success, are just a few of the presentations that transform, motivate and inspire audiences to make a difference in their lives!

With an education in business and psychology and a fluency in English, French and Russian, Tanya has traveled over 40 countries as an innovative corporate educator to some of the world’s biggest brands such as L’Oréal Professionnel, Polyconcept, Cisco, Rogers, and NASA . Working with savvy business leaders seeking to sharpen their edge and reinvent their culture, Tanya transforms companies and people with the mindset, skill set and systems to succeed.

Tanya began her career in the skin care industry. At the age of 14, she became Canada’s youngest government licensed esthetician and passionately worked her way to becoming an international industry expert. She moved to France and wrote 3 industry books on emotional intelligence and the spa industry that were translated into 11 languages. A trailblazing entrepreneur, she formulated the award winning Time Reverse “non-surgical facelift”, setting records of over $1Million in first-year sales through her appearances on over 50 shopping network shows worldwide. During the last 10 years, she contributed over $250,000 in donations and education to the United Way. She is a frequent contributor to professional spa publications.

For nearly a decade Tanya has been the co-founder of Courageous Living. With her partner she teaches and leads thousands of women through the 6 stages in the lifecycle of a goal and helps them connect to their passion and purpose to write the next chapter of their lives. In 2012, she harnessed her passion for the neuroscience of success as co-author of the #1 bestseller, “UnderMind”. The book reveals a breakthrough in Neuroplasticity that allows people to permanently overcome the negative subconscious beliefs that sabotage their lives. She is a popular guest on radio and television.

Tanya is a master at maximizing human performance and potential and a fierce supporter of both her local and global communities.

You’ll love her warm and engaging style. And you’ll get excited about the lessons she shares: lessons everyone can easily apply and quickly benefit from.


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Business Education http://tanyachernova.com/2013/11/17/business-education/ http://tanyachernova.com/2013/11/17/business-education/#comments Mon, 18 Nov 2013 04:53:56 +0000 http://tanyachernova.com/?p=194 Business Education

Do you know how to take your company where you want it to go?

Whether you have a clear vision for where your company is going, or you’re caught in the crossfire of resistance to change, Tanya Chernova’s inspiring, informative, no-nonsense (but still  fun!) corporate  training  sessions,  executive  training  and  coaching,  and  keynote speeches will take you and your company to a position of unity, passion, power, and growth.

Tanya carries with her a proven plan for changing your staff’s mindset, reactivating their skills, and improving support systems so they have what it takes to meet and exceed goals. With the right mindset, skills, and systems, everything is possible.

Corporate Evolution Training For Sales and Customer Service Teams

Change.  In good times it signifies promotions, opportunities, and growth. In tough times it means stagnation, downsizing, and shuffling of resources.

Leading your company through times of change can be tricky when resistance and resentment spread throughout the ranks.

But when individuals, teams, and leaders learn to evolve, change becomes a powerful catalyst for inspiration, opportunity, and progress.

Applying Tanya’s exceptional knowledge and amazing energy, customer service and sales teams develop innovative mindsets, skills, and systems that help them to achieve – and exceed – measurable goals that are determined during preliminary consultations with Tanya.

  • Increase Sales
  • Improve Customer Retention and Satisfaction
  • Strengthen Leadership
  • Clear Communication Between Management, Employees, and Clients
  • Consistently Deliver and Problem Solve with Efficient Systems
  • Skyrocket Employee Satisfaction and Passion

Invite Tanya to your main office and see for yourself how her 60 minute, 90 minute, ½ day or full day presentations will dramatically transform your leaders and their teams into a unified force for evolutionary growth.

Some of Tanya’s most popular workshop topics are:

  • Embracing Change Transformational Workshop
  • Creating Your Vision For Success
  • Power Listening
  • Empowered Leadership
  • The Ageless Mindset
  • Mastering Emotions and Resilience Under Pressure
  • Creating A Team of Winners

Tanya’s enthusiasm and passion for our clients’ success has always been one of the strong contributing factors of her national success. Once Tanya commits to a project, she calls upon all her resources to ensure success for all concerned.

Executive and Management Coaching For Inspired Leadership

Leadership. A strong leader can move people to action.

It can be done by force and threat, as history has proven.

But leadership has evolved, proving there’s a better way to lead.

It’s by empowering people, trusting them, inspiring them, and giving them the tools they need to succeed.  Business leaders who empower their people find that employees work harder, care more about the company’s welfare, and follow their lead – even in their absence.

When you lead with power, individual passion for the organization thrives, teamwork soars, and the bottom line grows.

  • Company culture is revitalized.
  • Bold sales goals are exceeded.
  • Valuable employees stay committed to the firm.
  • Client relationships flourish.

Tanya Chernova shows managers how to lead with power vs. force, moving their teams to consistently employ the mindset, skills, and systems put in place during their work with Tanya.

Meeting Tanya has changed our business and our lives. Tanya has not only listened to our needs, but (has) given us the tools to put our plan into action. She truly has a natural gift. Her skills are unparalleled.

Event Keynote Speaker

Inspiration. Inspiration is the spark that generates the idea that ultimately emerges as a global enterprise. It’s the influence that effortlessly moves people to passionate action. Without it, consistent creativity and productivity are almost impossible.

As one of the world’s top corporate strategic and motivational speakers, Tanya’s exceptional humor and energy will inspire and move your audience with her keynote speeches on topics such as Embracing Change for Evolution, Empowered Leadership Strategies, or Creating Your Vision For Success.

Invite Tanya to speak at your next company event or convention, and watch as your team profits from her practical, uplifting, and entertaining presentations.

I have seen over 500 different speakers in the last 25 years and Tanya is the best I have ever seen.  [Her] training  has  been  instrumental  in  transforming  our  Customer  Service department into our biggest asset as a company.

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#1 Best Seller: UnderMind http://tanyachernova.com/2013/11/17/1-best-seller-undermind/ http://tanyachernova.com/2013/11/17/1-best-seller-undermind/#comments Mon, 18 Nov 2013 04:44:51 +0000 http://tanyachernova.com/?p=207

UnderMind-CoverALL of us walk around with a voice in our head that influences our actions. Whether it is working in the positive or the negative, it is alive and well and creating our reality. If your inner voice is whispering negative thoughts of self-doubt and self-criticism that distract you from achieving your goals, it’s time to permanently overcome self-sabotage and achieve results more effortlessly.

Learn more about the #1 Best Seller that’s changing people’s lives.

Learn more about PNRT Buy UnderMind
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Women’s Empowerment http://tanyachernova.com/2013/11/17/womens-empowerment/ http://tanyachernova.com/2013/11/17/womens-empowerment/#comments Mon, 18 Nov 2013 04:44:37 +0000 http://tanyachernova.com/?p=205 Womens Empowerment by Courageous Living

Recharge and reconnect to what’s important in your life… YOU!

Courageous Living inspires, empowers and equips women to live more joyful and fulfilling lives.

Whether you are breaking free of a bad relationship or seeking the one of your dreams. Changing your job or financial path – or needing to heal or grow from a transition or challenge.

Our unique transformational workshops will help you:

  • Re-ignite your passion for life
  • Create a plan for positive change and success
  • Clarify your vision and life goals
  • Awaken the inner strength and self esteem you need to reach for your dreams
  • And provide the structured support for personal and business growth

Gain More Self-Worth to Gain More Net Worth™

Many women have not taken the time out to get to know themselves and what they want. They haven’t learned to set their boundaries or take care of themselves emotionally; and many have but wish to keep on growing. Perhaps that’s you? But if you haven’t fully accepted and loved yourself first, it is likely affecting your relationship with your body, with men and other women. More profoundly, it has probably taken a negative toll on your relationship with love, romance and intimacy, as well as your ability to attract money and success.

The Mentors Circle and Investing in You™ are transformational coaching-workshop series to help you live and love more fully. Through dynamic lectures, interactive exercises and discussions, you’ll gain the self discovery tools you need to move forward and create the life you really want.

Our in-depth workshop environment helps you gain profound insight and enter into deeper conversations and exercises to learn more about yourself in every area of your life. Set goals and achieve them in a supportive and structured growth environment.

Learn more about Courageous Living
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Are You Feeding Interest With Enthusiasm? http://tanyachernova.com/2013/11/05/are-you-feeding-interest-with-enthusiasm/ http://tanyachernova.com/2013/11/05/are-you-feeding-interest-with-enthusiasm/#comments Wed, 06 Nov 2013 04:20:26 +0000 http://tanyachernova.com/?p=1665 In a recent conversation with a friend who is looking for love, I asked her

“When was the last time you had a great date with someone who interested you?”

She said “2 weeks ago.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“He never called me after.”

“Why not?” I asked

“I don’t know. We seemed to have a good time but after that, nothing.”

“Well did you let him know you were interested?” “Did you show any enthusiasm?” I asked

And so her eyes widened and filled with a cocktail of confusion, curiosity and insight.

Are you feeding interest with enthusiasm?

On the first few dates, it’s easy to overlook certain aspects of communication and assume that the person in your company can read your mind or your facial expressions (although the introduction of Botox for both men and women is making it harder to read any kind of thoughts.)

If indeed you are interested in seeing your new date again, it’s important to fuel interest with enthusiasm. In fact, enthusiasm was listed as one of the most important traits in a relationship – as well as in sexual encounters. Conversely, one of the most common reasons people are reluctant to see each other again is the lack of spark, energy and enthusiasm. It makes one feel they have to do all the work to make things work – and that’s no fun! It makes sense really.

Who doesn’t want the instant gratification of another person’s positive energy and attention?

Enthusiasm communicates you are interested. It says you are willing to do your part in creating fun and momentum, and it sparks the other person’s interest in discovering “what’s next”.

Here are a few ways to show enthusiasm without losing your edge.

Enthusiasm: to be lively, to show interest, excitement, eagerness and generate passion.

A.K.A. It’s the spark one needs to fuel a spicy romance.

1. During the date, show enthusiasm for activities your date mentions that sound appealing to you. (Don’t fall into the trap of Best Behaviour Dating – stay true to yourself)

Say “that would be fun to do together” or “I’d love to learn to do / try that”. If you are a woman speaking to a man you can add an ego boost and say “Maybe you can show me how to do that”
Ahem…get your minds out of the gutter and onto the golf course perhaps…

2. If your date chooses something from the menu that you liked, or the place you are at, or points out something, or makes any contribution that adds value to your life, show enthusiasm and let them know specifically how it benefits you or what you appreciate. People ultimately want to be with people who they can successfully make happy. When you show a person how being themselves makes you happy, it puts them at ease and opens the door for more self expression and sharing.

3. When you see something you like or something that creates a sense of happiness or wonder within you – the sunset perhaps, an artistic perspective of the door frame or whatever can bring value to the other person by simply being in your company, express it. People love to see that you can find interest in life itself and are inspired to experience the beauty and wonder through your eyes.

4. When the date is coming to an end, express gratitude and enthusiasm if indeed you had a good time. Say something like “it would be fun to do this again”. It gives room for the other person to express their enthusiasm and feed the spark with plans.

5. When you get home (as soon as you get in). Text message your date and say “Thanks for a great time! ☺”. If the other person paid or drove or planned or did anything to take care of you say: “Thanks for taking great care of me (or things) tonight, I had a great time! ☺”

thank you text_lg

After every great performance, every person inevitably gets off stage and turns to the person next to them and says “how was that?” We love, need and thrive off of the enthusiasm of a receptive audience. It makes us want to give an encore.

Enthusiasm is a sign of generosity, courage, self confidence and joy. No game has ever been played and won without enthusiasm. Enjoy expressing more enthusiasm without losing your edge and fuel the flames of your healthy romance.

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Avoid The 7 Mistakes Of First Date Conversations http://tanyachernova.com/2013/10/18/avoid-the-7-mistakes-of-first-date-conversations/ http://tanyachernova.com/2013/10/18/avoid-the-7-mistakes-of-first-date-conversations/#comments Sat, 19 Oct 2013 03:44:09 +0000 http://tanyachernova.com/?p=1674 The awkward feeling that most people get when meeting a first date, is often rooted in the anxiety of first date conversation. “What will we talk about?”

Without the skills to create a comfortable and enjoyable conversation, people get nervous and make a variety of the following 7 mistakes:

  1. Talk incessantly about themselves, their accomplishments or inadequacies.
  2. Stick to small talk and never get to a place where they truly connect.
  3. Rely on alcohol to do the talking for them.
  4. Over share personal details about themselves or their past too soon.
  5. Discuss popular news topics or controversies to express opinions and get judgmental.
  6. Avoid conversation and appear boring.
  7. Ask personal questions too soon and appear intrusive or intense.

There is an art to first date conversation. One that opens up the space to relax and get to know each other, then builds to a deeper state of sharing and closes on an happy and accepting note that will either lead to more or end things there if there’s no compatibility.

If you liken it to a work out, it requires a warm up, intensity and cool down. Without the warm up or cool down, a person could really hurt themselves – and so it is with first date conversation.

Some people gravitate towards extremes. They are either, very intense and deep and want to get to the heart of the person or the matter right away. They tend to prematurely ask: “So what do you want in a relationship?” Or “Have you had any heart break lately?” and “How do feel about commitment?” This undoubtedly adds strain and can trigger a date’s defenses.

Or they swing the opposite direction; staying light to avoid personal sharing and stick to current events, sports, and the meal you are having etc. This can lack the intimate spark required to get things going and leaves a date feeling like there was nothing there.

Observe the law of Emotional Intelligence: people remember how they feel more than what you do or say. For the first date, your intention is to create a safe environment to enjoy each other, get to know the other and leave them wanting more.

5 Hard & Fast Rules for Success:
1. The Person who asks the Questions, Leads the Conversation. Be a good conversationalist and lead the date through the 3 stages. If the conversation becomes tense or uncomfortable, change the topic to something more enjoyable.

2. This is Not an Interrogation but an enjoyable conversation where you are relaxed and genuinely interested in the other person. Let your questions flow naturally based on what they are saying. Avoid distracting inner thoughts while they talk so you can focus on the mental and emotional aspects of their content. Digest the answer and avoid rushing to the “next question”.

3. Be in Observation, Not Judgement.
People can feel when you are checking off a mental list or score sheet. The key is to listen and observe the person speaking – be curious, caring and empathetic.

4. Notice Relationship Red Flags
– Is this person capable of creating a life they love? Or are they a victim in their life?
– What are their negative or limiting beliefs about relationships, love, men, women, life?
– What are their values? Do they seem conflicting to yours?
– How Do they Handle Adversity

5. Be comfortable and relaxed. Breathe, smile and intend on having an enjoyable time.
Lead your conversation like an inverse bell curve.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 5.16.58 PM

Stage 1: Warm Up – Always begin the conversation about the present moment:
– How was your day? Have you been here before? What goes on for you in a week?
– Work questions slowly about the present moment backward into the past (don’t rush).
– Stay light and create a pleasant, positive rapport.
– If you are at dinner, avoid getting into deeper conversation until you have ordered drinks. Once dinner has been ordered and you feel a bit of momentum, move into a deeper state.

Stage 2: Intensity
– As you get deeper into conversation, you can ask more personal questions to reveal their beliefs about family, love, their past etc. Use emotional intelligence. If it gets uncomfortable – lead them out with a less intense question. This is the first date, do not over share and reveal your secrets, skeletons or traumas. Sharing a few of your dreams and passions is perfectly acceptable.
– If it’s going well and you want to spend more time with this person, express an interest in doing an activity they mention liking.

Stage 3: Cool Down
– As you get towards the end of the main meal, desert, or the bill, bring the conversation back to the present moment and ask about what’s coming up in the immediate future.
– What’s the rest of your week look like? What’s up for you this month?
– Notice if there is an interest from them to get together again or show yours.
– If there is nothing there, wish them a great week and thank them for a good time.

For more tips read Rituals for Successful Dating

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Wabi Sabi Love http://tanyachernova.com/2013/09/20/wabi-sabi-love/ http://tanyachernova.com/2013/09/20/wabi-sabi-love/#comments Fri, 20 Sep 2013 14:00:06 +0000 http://tanyachernova.com/?p=1677 At the outset, love conveniently blinds us to the flaws and foibles in our mate. What seems adorable in the beginning can become annoying 2 years in. For most people, once the “honeymoon” stage of their relationship wears off, the imperfections start to destroy the fantasy as well as the relationship.

It’s easy to let the imperfections deplete our emotional love bank. Once we start taking “inventory” of our partner’s pros and cons, it triggers scorekeeping, doubts and the 4 R’s (Resistance, Resentment, Rejection and Repression.)  It may even lead to the desire to recreate the fantasy stage elsewhere.

So how can we embrace the differences, the incompatibilities, the things that irritate us? By transforming the imperfections into something beautiful with Wabi Sabi Love.

Wabi Sabi Love is a great book by Arielle Ford. It’s extrapolated from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi that is the acceptance and affectionate regard for imperfection. In North America, when there is a crack in a vase that we loved, we feel it’s damaged and no longer useful. In Japan, that beloved vase is put upon a mantle with a spotlight on the crack to encourage us to see the beauty in the flaw – and deepen our respect for it.

Arielle Ford applies this ancient principle to relationship love and uses it to teach us how to practice the art of accepting the flaws, imperfections and limitations – as well as the gifts and memories that form our shared history as a couple. Acceptance and its counterpart, understanding, are crucial to achieving relationship harmony – and create love that is lasting and fulfilling.

Lifelong relationships are built on a foundation of love, imperfection and acceptance that knows no bounds. This is sacred love; not infatuation nor love that is convenient. What if we discovered that romantic love was never meant to be perfect, but to guide us to its highest form of love? What if, in fact, as soul mates – we are destined for each other? Love therefore exists to propel us into an understanding of Wabi Sabi Love. Think of the everyday example of a mate that snores. How many sleepless nights one goes through trying to block the noise and get some rest. The act of being annoyed is the perception of the snoring as an inconvenience, as a personal threat to our well-being, a selfish act on the part of our partner, something we simply can’t control. If we practiced Wabi Sabi Love, we would transform this perception into the sincere gratitude that the snoring is a reminder that our partner exists, that they are alive and there in bed with us or something to that effect. The funny thing is when they are gone; it’s the snoring that we often miss. As hokey as it seems, it is truly possible to extract affection out of annoyance if we are willing to get beyond our selfish point of view and surrender to something bigger than we are – our relationship.

Can you imagine what the world would look like, feel like, be like if the foundational premise of romantic love and deep intimacy were based on the art of loving one’s imperfections rather than the illusionary fantasy that your relationship is fabulous only when each person is acting perfectly and behaving in ways that are acceptable to the other? What if we lived in a world where imperfection was the accepted norm and was actually cherished?

Would the divorce rate drop? Would the love that brought us together alter the very way in which we relate to our partners? Would this new set of values provide an evolutionary segue into a love so perfectly imperfect that we’d learn to cherish that which used to drive us crazy?

Anyone who has found this highest level of Wabi Sabi Love knows that it comes in one way only; through exploring, embracing, and actually falling in love with the cracks in each other and ourselves.

Don’t Hurry Love

It’s important to take your time and get beyond the fantasy stage where you think this person is “perfect”. We are all on our best behavior at the start.

Take the time to relax and “be yourselves”. Notice what annoys you – your mate’s small personal habits or big obsessions with sports, shopping, work, exercise etc. Tell us how you would be willing to embrace and truly learn to love the imperfections in your mate. We wish you whole, authentic and enduring love!
You can find Arielle Ford’s book in most bookstores and on Amazon. Enjoy!

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Is There Anyone Out There For Me? http://tanyachernova.com/2013/06/14/is-there-anyone-out-there-for-me/ http://tanyachernova.com/2013/06/14/is-there-anyone-out-there-for-me/#comments Fri, 14 Jun 2013 04:45:06 +0000 http://tanyachernova.com/?p=1683 Are you hearing yourself say things like “there are no good men out there” or “there are no good women out there”? Are you feeling fed up, cynical and going through the motions of just going out expecting the same old thing?

Your life is the mirror of your mind.

Said otherwise, you see what you believe. How does that actually work? Your beliefs are communicated to the reticular activating system in your brain, which actually shapes the selection of your mind and adjusts your line of sight to turn what you believe into your personal reality.

With the disappointments of online dating, the awkward bar scene and all the changes in the dating game, it’s hard to manage expectations and sometimes easier to give into negative thinking. We often coach people who have fallen into a slump of genuine despair; thinking “is there anyone out there for me?”

One of the hardest things for people to hear in their dark moments is to “think positive”. The reality is that our beliefs dictate our actions which perpetuate our reality. If we feel there is no one out there, we stop going out or we stop being our best, we become judgemental in conversations and most importantly, we stop shining our light and become less attractive.

Here is an exercise to show you how this works:

Say out loud the most negative belief you think about the dating scene right now:

1. Now ask yourself: Is this absolutely true?
Is this true 100% of the time? For every person? In the entire world?
The first step is to get beyond the “reality” in your mind that this is an absolute fact so you can detach from it and make room for new thoughts.

2. Then ask yourself – how does it make me feel when I think this negative thought?
Notice all the feelings that come up. Sad, unworthy, alone, unhappy, disappointed (maybe even relieved?). Realize how those feelings aren’t helping you and get curious why they may feel safer for you to think this way? Could it be that deep down you are keeping yourself safe from getting hurt? Find out if you are ready for love http://www.eligiblemagazine.com/2012/05/31/are-you-ready-for-love/

3. Now ask yourself – what is a new thought that I’m willing to think to get myself into a new reality? If I were to paint the masterpiece of my relationship life – in love with the right person. What would I be saying to myself if I knew there were plenty out there and the right one for me?
Once you determine what that is, start a new conversation and start encouraging your friends to think it too. The faster you can create a new internal reality – the faster your life will show up with new evidence as the mirror of your mind.

For a road map into finding the one read Compatibility Countdown

This article was originally posted on http://www.eligiblemagazine.com/2013/06/14/is-there-anyone-out-there-for-me/

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How Do You Handle Adversity? http://tanyachernova.com/2013/05/10/how-do-you-handle-adversity/ http://tanyachernova.com/2013/05/10/how-do-you-handle-adversity/#comments Fri, 10 May 2013 04:52:04 +0000 http://tanyachernova.com/?p=1686 Adversity can either break us or make us stronger. We face adversity on a regular basis in varying degrees. Whether the event is within our control or not, our attitude will determine our outcome.

What is adversity telling us? If you agree with the empowerment philosophy that your beliefs create your life, sometimes adversity shows us which beliefs we must release in order to lighten our path. Sometimes adversity comes as a message to move is in a new direction – one that we wouldn’t otherwise take if the challenge didn’t exist. Sometimes adversity comes to teach us a lesson – it gives us the opportunity to step out of the routine and really look at life and make some changes in our strategy. And most of all, adversity helps us amplify our gratitude for what IS working and to realize what’s truly important.

How you handle adversity is also a key determinant in maintaining a healthy relationship. Do you open up and communicate or shut down and withdraw from your partner?

We invite you to become keenly aware of how you respond to adversity. Are you listening for life’s lessons? Are you checking in with your beliefs? Are you open to being optimistic and flexible to change your strategy? Whatever your response, be inspired by the challenge and not victimized by it. No matter how hard it is, we always have the chance to make a new choice and to see old things in a new way – in every area of our lives.

In the famous words of the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” ….Isn’t that the truth!

Take this week to notice your attitude in the face of adversity. Be compassionate and loving with yourself. Take a deep breath and courageously ask “what life is teaching me”. Let your intuition guide you to the answer, soften your resistance, adjust your attitude to “positive” and make the change within you – so you can look into the mirror of life and see it in your results.

This article was originally posted on http://www.eligiblemagazine.com/2013/05/10/how-do-you-handle-adversity/

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