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Professional Speaker

Create an inspiring message with a strong call to action, an entertaining lesson, or a legendary event. Words are the catalysts of emotions that propel us to act in ways we could only dream of. Create meaning, elevate awareness, priceless memories, and magic moments, empower teams, bridge the gaps, strengthen culture, breakthrough barriers, uncover greatness, instill profound fulfillment and make it your best event with a key note ½ or full day presentation!

Tanya Chernova has a unique way of connecting to the heart and soul of your audience. “A master at generating excitement, purpose and meaning”

Can be combined with entertaining corporate videos, interviews of your company or clients, special compilation music CD’s or personalized artistic banners.

(Certified NLP) Strategic Coach – Clarity Focus Action

Specific Goal – Accelerate Success
The Coaching process: Clarity Focus Action
Set goals beyond what you feel is possible, remove limiting beliefs, be accountable and stay on track to achieve higher levels of performance, satisfaction and quality of life.

Create success strategies for breakthrough business excellence. You can create the life and business success you desire. In fact, the path to success is clear and easy. The only obstacles we face are the self limiting beliefs we hold onto. Life is always teaching us; sometimes our lessons from the past train us to fear, doubt and delay when facing new opportunities in the future. What is holding you back from moving forward? What could you accomplish if the fear and doubt was gone? Who would you be and where would you go? What could you contribute? What rewards would you enjoy?

Training and Skills Mastery: Vision Values Velocity

Applies expertise, develops skills, implements best practices, and creates the structure and foundation in your business and employees to support accelerated growth.

Developing tailored skill sets to bring your team to new levels of empowerment. What results could you achieve if your team was performing at their highest potential?

A leading edge ½ or full day seminar to build new skills or foster mastery – these engaging experiential presentations cover the key areas of performance necessary to meet and exceed your goals: High Impact Presentation Skills, Customer Excellence, Communicating with Diplomacy and Professionalism, Power Teams, Relationship Selling, Decision Making, Negotiating, Creative Leadership, Stress and Conflict Management and more…