World Class Corporate Training

“You can design, build and create the most wonderful place in the world – but it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

—Walt Disney

Build World Class Teams with World Class Training

Our unique World Class training programs provide intense skill development in eight key areas to effectively educate, equip and empower your teams to deliver the highest level of service with exceptional value and client experience.

A great deal of professional skill and sensitivity is required for teams to perform at their best during the Covid19 pandemic.  Our training focus is to implement basic and advanced skills training in the areas of professional excellence, client leadership, effective communication, empathic listening, inspire and delight, managing emotions, proper self-care for preventing burn-out and non-negotiable standards for public safety while going above and beyond to deliver results.


Benefit from a Success Formula for High Performance

Build a World Class Culture of high performers with the right MINDSET, SKILL SET and SYSTEMS to succeed. Our proprietary training raises conscious leaders within your organization who are equipped to work in unison to grow the business to its peak potential. We used evidence based mindset training in the neuroscience of success, diverse and inclusive skills sets to serve a changing marketplace and systemize your results for consistency and reliability. 

Interactive Virtual Training

As an expert in human behavior and corporate leadership, Tanya helps teams regain the enthusiasm to succeed in any professional setting.

Bring your team together into one Zoom Room for engaging interactive training with ultra high definition cameras and audio, live chat, breakout rooms and touchless workbooks. 

Tanya teaches professionals the self-awareness, inspiration, and tools to help themselves and their clients embrace change with a new, positive attitude and turn challenges into opportunities in both their professional and personal lives. 

Teams are given the tools to stretch out of their comfort zone with confidence to become stronger leaders, creative problem solvers and effective innovators.


PPE and Socially Distanced Safe in Person Training

In a safe and socially distanced environment, Tanya will inspire your team to deliver on the vision, mission values and non-negotiable standards of excellence.

Develop your professional Identity and work within its ethical boundaries. Prevent or resolve team conflict, resistance, or resentment to unify your team. Work and excel in an empowered culture and collaborate effectively to foster team success.

Learn the most effective consultation process to increase your sales, and potentialize your offers. Assess and adapt to your clients unique buying style. Use a new method of empathic listening to uncover their hidden buying triggers. Create buying desire and professionally recommend unique and exceptional experiences that inspire the highest sales.

Covid19 has a stressful impact. Help your team develop the steady self-control that people respond to and respect. Learn to manage emotions under pressure and manage the fear response in yourself and others. Make good decisions under stressful circumstances when timing matters most.

Choose from a World Class Curriculum to Achieve Your Goals


Develop your team’s Professional Identity and work within its safe and ethical boundaries. Work and excel in an inspiring corporate culture and collaborate effectively to foster team success. Embrace change and deliver on the company vision, mission, and values.

Outcome: Your team will raise their standards of excellence and understand what is expected of them as a high performing employee. Set them up to grow & succeed together in an inspired and vibrant culture.


A critical skill to build rapport, deliver quality service, recover from service failure, and prevent miscommunication. Learn to separate acknowledging from approving or agreeing. Identify and adapt to different personality styles. Gain the skills to keep the speaker from feeling or becoming defensive. Learn to decode body language and nonverbal signs and shape your language so that others know you are listening actively.

 Outcome: Employees will learn to build trust and establish rapport. Create and preserve positive relationships, client loyalty and team success.


Understand the negative effects of well-meaning actions in the context of poor communication. Use the power positive language to deliver the best client experience and preserve relationships when saying no, asking for a change of behavior and setting healthy boundaries.

Outcome: Carry out rules and safe, professional, and pleasant conversations. Manage resistance, de-escalate aggression while avoiding misunderstanding, judgment, or stress. Reduce turnover and employee stress. Increase client experience and rave reviews.


Learn the key skills to be an effective and empowering communicator in a virtual world. Improve your participation & listening skills to enhance retention. Organize your message and deliver it with clarity and confidence. Take productivity to a whole new level with this essential program.


Inspire and educate your team with the Forbes® exclusive 5-star international rating handbook to set the world class service standard for your team. Learn practical etiquette and techniques to sensitively handle delays, resolve conflicts and manage disappointments in a positive way. Deliver the ultimate client experience to increase client loyalty, referrals, and repeat business.


Empower your team’s ability to both surprise and delight a customer at each, and every touch point in the customer experience. Learn practical techniques to become brand ambassadors to relate to and connect with customers. Create memorable experiences that translate into positive reviews, client engagement on social media and positive press.

Outcome: Employees confidently interpret emotional signs and go above and beyond to make each client visit special and unique to them.


Develop the steady self-control that people respond to and respect. Learn to manage your emotions under pressure manage the fear response in yourself and others. Make good decisions under stressful circumstances. Create and preserve good relationships with clients and co-workers. Learn to stay adaptive when the timing is critical.

Outcome: Employees resist the fight or flight response to high pressure situations. Solve problems correctly and creatively. Reduce stress build up, anxiety and the fear of failure to perform at their best.


Serving the public during a pandemic can be stressful with a high risk of burnout. Learning and practicing self-care is essential to maintain balance and a vibrant connection. Discover your subconscious blocks and overcome the barriers to self-care. Create a wellness action plan to move you forward. This eye-opening session will improve every aspect of your life.

Outcome: Decrease down days, increase performance quality at work, increase employee engagement and retention by preventing burn out and staying energized.

An expansive library of over 30 evidence backed proven training modules for you to grow and succeed in the new economy. Tanya’s Training is 100% Guaranteed. 

Training cost per participant ranges from $4,500 – $8,500 depending on the program.

**rates vary depending on size and number of modules, savings may apply for large training groups and packages. 

Contact Tanya to book your consultation to create a training program that’s right for your vision, team and goals. 

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