Mid-Year Resolutions And The 10 Tacti...

Mid-Year Resolutions And The 10 Tactics of Self Sabotage

It is the end of June and we are halfway through the year. Have you been true to yourself and prioritizing what’s important in your life? Many of us begin the year with high hopes for new or better relationships, improved health and our dreams coming true.

One of the culprits that steal our dreams and more importantly our time is self sabotage. How do you know if you are undermining the results in your life? Review the statements below and check the ones that apply to you in relation to your goals.

Think of one or more of the goals that you wish to achieve before the end of this year. Do any of these tactics play a role in sabotaging your results?

  1. I get off to a great start and as soon as I see concrete results, something happens and I slow down or stop.
  2. I have a hard time getting around to doing what’s important until the last minute, and then I rush to get it done and feel annoyed at myself for creating pressure and not giving myself enough time.
  3. I know I need to make a change but I feel nothing will really make a difference, so I don’t make changes.
  4. I feel confident until I see someone getting ahead of me. Then I stop trying and feel defeated.
  5. I get distracted by other tasks, phone calls, emergencies or the requests from others and avoid my priorities.
  6. I feel that everything in my life needs to be in order and perfect before I start something important.
  7. I get tired and feel the need to sleep when I am overwhelmed.
  8. I make a commitment and actually see myself sabotaging my results with phrases such as: I’ll do it later.
  9. I have a goal but the moment I get excited about it, I feel defeated and say things like “why bother, it’s never going to happen, what’s the use? It’s not going to work for me.”
  10. When things go well, I start to worry that it’s too go to be true and feel anxious about what’s next.

The first step to overcoming self sabotage is the conscious awareness that it is happening in your life. The next time you plan on taking action on your goals, the moment you recognize that you are slipping backward into procrastination or other self sabotaging behaviours, you can choose to take a new and powerful step forward to get yourself on track. To go deeper into this conversation and get the tools to overcome self sabotage – once and for all visit

What will you accomplish in 2020 ?
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