Prevent the “Doing, Doing, Done” Synd...

Prevent the “Doing, Doing, Done” Syndrome

Are you always doing everything for everyone else and neglecting yourself? Prevent the “Doing, Doing Done!” Syndrome that makes women lose connection to their sense of self, their direction and true desires.

When women stop focusing on themselves, they stop growing. They stop nurturing themselves in every area of their lives. They stop paying attention to their own bodies, their own passions and their own lives. They go on “GIVING” autopilot and they realize that they have disconnected from their passion, their vision, their dreams, their goals and lack the energy or direction to get back in the game of life. Whether they know it or not, they are dying inside as a woman. Finding it difficult to receive love, support etc., they can’t get the results they want and become frustrated from trying and blame their circumstances, people and men for holding them back.

Are you a woman (or know a woman) who is ready to recharge and reconnect to what’s important in life? Take a moment to discover the 10 steps to come alive and create a life you love! 

  1. Recognize that something isn’t working; you are not getting the results you want or are unhappy. When you have come to this inkling or if you have hit “done”, be willing to take responsibility of your life and be open for things to change. Get support.
  2. Get out of isolation and into conversation and connect with a safe, loving and supportive network that will provide insight, education and enrich your life. (i.e. Courageous Living).
  3. Take an inventory. Look at yourself holistically and evaluate your level of fulfillment and inspiration in every area of your life: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, sexual, creative and expressive. See where you are empty and which areas of your life are in dire need of your attention.
  4. Create an inspired vision. What would life look if you had exactly what you wanted 6 months from now?
  5. Break down your vision into tiny action steps. Keep moving in the direction of your dreams without becoming overwhelmed.
  6. 6. Identify your negative inner chatter. As you move towards your goals, notice your negative inner chatter and how it stops you and create new positive affirmations to support your dreams.
  7. Turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. Identify your self-sabotaging behaviours and patterns and choose to powerfully redirect yourself back on course.
  8. Dig Deeper. As you grow and come alive, you will gain a stronger connection to your authentic self and your true desires. Discover unhealed hurts that have been in your way and do the inner through  to resolve them.
  9. Celebrate success at every stage. Acknowledge every moment you are growing. Everything that is happening – even if it seems like you are experiencing a setback, choose to see it as a positive. Be generous with yourself to stay motivated and inspired along the way.
  10. Give and receive mentorship. Share your experience authentically with others. Give and receive insight, love and encouragement.

Never stop growing and giving to yourself as a woman. Courageous Living is a commitment to yourself to live your life with passion, purpose and the power to create the joyful and fulfilling life you richly deserve.

What will you accomplish in 2020 ?
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