The 1 Minute Test: Are You Dating “Th...

The 1 Minute Test: Are You Dating “The ONE?”

Together forever? How can you be sure? Take this 1 minute compatibility test to find out if you are truly meant to stand the test of time. Take your time to process each question and think about your answers.

If you answered yes to every question, you are highly compatible with one another and have a much greater chance for longevity and fulfillment. If you answered NO to even 1 of the questions, you may want to ask yourself “why not?” and consider if there is more to your relationship than passion and excitement.

  1. Do I want this person to be the parent of my child?
    (Even if you don’t want children, would this person be the kind of parent you would like them to be?)
  2. Do I want my child to be like this person?
    (Even if you don’t want / have children, would the characteristics of this person be those you would desire to have in your child?)
  3. Do I want to become more like this person?
  4. Am I willing to spend the rest of my life with this person if they never changed from the way they are today?

Relationship science has proven that although love conquers all, a lack of compatibility can drain your love tank and break your blissful union. Respect, friendship and admiration are fundamental to a meaningful relationship that lasts.  If you score 3 out of 4 or less and still feel happy with your relationship – follow your heart and choose to dig deeper in the article on Compatibility Countdown.

For more great information, check out this favorite relationship Diva: Dr. Barbara De Angelis  – Are you the One for Me?

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